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BTS(방탄소년단) Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by BTS(방탄소년단):

Boy In Luv [Jungkook] Doego…
CONVERSE HIGH [Rap Monster] neoui converse high Neoui converse high Neoui …
DOPE 어서 와 방탄은 처음이지? Ayo ladies and gentleman 준비가 됐다면 부를게 yeah! …
FIRE 불타오르네 Fire Fire Fire Fire When I wake up in my room…
I NEED U [Jungkook] Fall ([Rap Monster] everything) [Jungkook] Fall (…
War of Hormone [Intro Rap Monster] (Nugu ttaemune Yeoja ttaemune Nugu ttaem…

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Shaden Kipu

Kim Namjoon: The kindest heart receives a lot of hate.
Kim Seokjin: The funniest has a lot pain.
Min Yoongi: The prettiest smile hides a lot of pain.
Jung Hoseok: The happiest one hides the saddest back story.
Park Jimin: The prettiest eyes cried the most tears.
Kim Taehyung: The softest person has the hardest life.
Jeon Jungkook: The caring one receives no love?
BTS: From nobody to legends.... 💜
97℅ ARMYs are here because they want to join those ARMYs singing with BTS....
I understand 😔


K: king of lyrics
I: intelligent hyung
M: mind blowing fashion sense
N: nice person
A: astonishing speaker
M: melodious vocalist 😂
J: joyous person
O: outstanding leader
O: outstanding rapper
N: natural at heart

K: king of visuals
I: inspiring person
M: mind blowing dad jokes
S: super attractive
E: excellent voice
O: outstanding personality
K: kind heart
J: joyful member
I: intelligent hyung
N: nice being ....

M: master of songs
I: inspiring person
N: nice being
S: savage king
U: unrealistic
G: great rapper
A: astonishing energy😴

J: joyful person
U: unreal
N: nice person
G: great performer
H: human charger
O: outstanding fashion sense
S: sunshine
E: excellent rapper
O: outstanding smile
K: king at heart

P: perfect dancer
A: angelic human
R: refined voice
K: kind hearted
J: joyful person
I: inspiring person
M: mochi
I: intelligent speaker
N: notorious hyung

K: kings of visuals
I: intelligent person
M: melodious voice
T: talented human
A: astonishing big hands
E: elegant
H: hypnotic eyes
Y: youthful at heart
U: unreal
N: nice person
G: great fashion sense...

J: joyful person
E: excellent voice
O: optimistic person
N: notorious maknae
J: joyful nature
U: unreal
N: nice person
G: golden maknae
K: knowledgeable person
O: open hearted person
O: obedient maknae
K: kind at heart💜

Hobi Purple ⟬⟭

To any Army who finds this comment,

You are beautiful,
with all your flaws and scars.
No need of mask to hide them.
You already have a pretty soul,
a flawless heart!
That's enough for you.
Now don't hide in dark,
Follow your heart, your light.
And the believe you have.
You are going to be alright.


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mary design

When Tae shouted ARMY and they just appeared, that was a majestic moment.

Shivani K

I think Taehyung knew...he was just having a normal expression while Jungkook was shocked😁😁😁I love BTS uwu

Jaime Evita Reyes


Zikra Fatima Ejaz


White Fox

@Youni Saber can u please tell me the date of it

Nayla Ayesha


193 More Replies...


BTS will release their new single “Butter” on May 21st!


@Vaishnavi Parashar yes

Vaishnavi Parashar

Means bts New song??

Tsania Zulaecha


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