The Truth Untold
BTS Lyrics

외로움이 가득히
피어있는 이 garden
가시투성이 umm
이 모래성에 난 날 매었어

너의 이름은 뭔지
갈 곳이 있긴 한지
Oh could you tell me? eh
이 정원에 숨어든 널 봤어
And I know
너의 온긴 모두 다 진짜란 걸
푸른 꽃을 꺾는 손
잡고 싶지만

내 운명인 걸
Don't smile on me
Light on me
너에게 다가설 수 없으니까
내겐 불러줄 이름이 없어

You know that I can't
Show you me
Give you me
초라한 모습 보여줄 순 없어
또 가면을 쓰고 널 만나러 가
But I still want you

외로움의 정원에 핀
너를 닮은 꽃
주고 싶었지 ooh hoo hoo
바보 같은 가면을 벗고서

But I know
영원히 그럴 수는 없는 걸
숨어야만 하는 걸
추한 나니까

난 두려운 걸
I'm so afraid
결국엔 너도 날 또 떠나버릴까
또 가면을 쓰고 널 만나러 가

할 수 있는 건
이 세상에
예쁜 너를 닮은 꽃을 피운 다음
니가 아는 나로 숨쉬는 것
But I still want you, ah, ah
I still want you, ah

어쩌면 그때
용길 내서 너의 앞에 섰더라면
지금 모든 건 달라졌을까

난 울고 있어
홀로 남겨진 이 모래성에서
부서진 가면을 바라보면서
And I still want you
But I still want you
But I still want you
And I still want you

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Written by: Annika Marie Wells, Do Hyung Kwon, Jacob Casey Torrey, Nam Jun Kim, Noah Patrick Conrad, Roland Max Spreckley, Steven Hiroyuki Aoki

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Taehyung's taechwita beard official.

I'm a Ot7 army

And I really appreciate Jimin and Jungkook vocals.
But Only Jin and V vocals , Voice and emotions can make me cry.
Their voice is just magic, Just feels like ocean, Calm sea, So magical, I can listen whole night... Jin and V voice is something i appreciate so much.

And jimin voice is beautiful so beautiful~
And Jungkook yes our golden bunny maknae is magical~


for everyone that dont understand:

Song is based on a true story way back in the 1500's-1600's it
takes place in a small town in Italy The story's about an 'ugly' man who hid in an old castle alone. because of his looks he received lots of hate & cruelty while growing up. He never opened his heart to anyone. Whenever they tried to approach him, he hid in anger. His happiness was to plant flowers in his garden.

One day a woman appeared near the man's castle. She jumped over the garden fence and stole a flower. This angered the man at first. So he watched his garden all night. But when he fell a sleep, the woman took another flower. This continued for several nights. The man pretended to be asleep and watched the woman steal a flower. He started becoming curious about the woman. He began waiting for her. without realizing he kept waiting for her to come and the next day seemed a little brighter.

Following after her one day he realized that she was selling the flowers that she stole from him to make a living. The man desperately wanted to help the woman. But he was afraid she would be terrified by the way he looks. He knew she would not love his 'grotesque' appearance. He came to a conclusion that the only way he would be able to help her is to let her continue stealing flowers from his garden. The man decided to make a flower that doesn't exist on the planet. So that the woman could sell them at a expensive price. He began to make the flower in his castle.

After many unsuccessful attempts, the man made a flower that didn't exist and filled his garden. But the woman stopped coming. No matter how long he waited she never came to his garden. He eventually found out that the woman had died.

EDIT: (guys...idk too if its true story or not i just copypaste from someone comment😅) sorry if you guys doubt or somethings 🙏

bhoomika rajput

Jin was only taken just for his looks.
Jimin starved himself.
V was the last one to be introduced to the world. (as a member)
Jungkook always think that he is wearing a mask.
RM was never supported by his family.
J-hope was very insecure about himself.
Suga suffered through depression and anxiety.
Despite having so many problems and rough times, they saved my life.
Thank you BTS.

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“If you want to love others, you should love yourself first.” -RM

sikander singh

@SantiNikGamer then why are you still here get lost


No one asked

sikander singh

Which I completely forget about and now you see how deeply I am stuck here at this spot where I don't know my emotions anymore I actually don't feel anything which I hate because it push me more down I don't know how to explain it just.... I'm...tired....

Golden Maknae’s Girl

@Hansol.l sameeeee

Brayden Tan

Oli London does not seem to know what that means lmfao

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Jin's voice - dense as forest...🌅😇
Jimin's voice - sweet as lollipop!!!🍬🍭😋
Taehyung's voice - deep as ocean...🌊😌
Jungkook's voice - light as Heaven!!!!🌠🌟😍

nanno gray

Agreeee Jimin Is like lollipop ❤


@Ybba Oicangi Haha Jungkook's: 'smooth like butter'

Paramashivan P


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