It Feels Alright
Black Lips Lyrics

Bad luck, it could happen twice
You better check your past make sure you've been nice,
If you ask me for advice
I would say stop and think before you roll the dice,
Bring that rabbit's foot along with you,
Double up a four-leaf clover and a lucky horseshoe,
Better avoid the black cats and them ladders too,
And don't you step on a crack 'cause you know what it do

My head is spinning it feels alright
I've got a clean shirt and my shoes are nice
Peachtree and 5th is the jump off tonight
The Magic City titties is looking alright

Written by: Johann Willenberg, Lawrence Huskinson

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Comments from YouTube:

Lorenzo Del Castillo

This sounds like The Kinks and The Velvet Underground had a children and that kid got raised by David Bowie Just sounds so fucking good


my gf dumped me and im failing university.... but i feel a'aight!

Clit Crew

Brian Villalobos

Why are you alive


I wonder ... how your life's going right about now?

Jerri Finley

A band that's worthy for a place in my vinyl bins. Right next to generation x and johnny thunders :)

Liam Harder

You're vinyl isn't alphabetical?

Joshua Cardona

Glad to see so far everybody feels alright.

Evan Pearce

THIS IS MY MORNING JAM EVERY MORNING! Finally know this song off of heart.


I've just smashed a guitar on my had, and I feel alright!

Alex .Lyall

this got me into them. still makes me smile :)

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