Borealis Lyrics

Without a paddle in the darkest sea
From the shore they call to me
Promising all of my dreams
I fade into the night

Change this life laid for me
Take home and pray
Take reality, take this life from me, oh no
I'm not free
Empty words, shattered pride I had
You lead me down a path of shame
The stories I write for myself
I'm not of your kind

Take reality, take this life from me, oh no,
I'm not free
Soon I'll rise and see, what I am to be, at last

My blood coursing through my veins
The gift for what I have done
'Til now hiding bliss from me
This truth will now set me free

Contributed by Bailey B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


as a canadian i was surfing through some canadian power metal and this just blows others out of the water!!!! epic stuff!! great singer and sick guitar!

Agus G

my god, the drums in this song are amazing


Yeah Borealis is pretty good, love both of their albums. Other Canadian bands would be Viathyn and Instanzia, off the top of my head. Also there's a folk/celtic artist Heather Dale. She has amazing songs, although they're not metal.


Hm, gave Ramayana a listen. Oddly (for me anyways) I like the longer songs. The vocals sound familiar . I think I'm thinking of Silent Poetry (which isn't exactly a compliment), but I could be wrong. Yeah, the vocals aren't amazing, but the rest of the band, especially on the longer songs are good. And even though the singing may remind me of Silent Poetry, it's still a lot better than them.


This is awesome

Emanuele Brignone

Very Great ⚡🌪️✨🌠


check out antiquus, sorta underground compared to what you said but they have two concept albums that are great (called "Eleutheria" and "Ramayana" respectively)


I shall check them out in a bit. :)


Sounds a lot like Jag Panzer. I like it!

Marcello Gorla

I totally agree! It almost seems there's the jag panzer singer as a guest here

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