Think It Over
Buddy Holly Lyrics

Think it over what you just said
Think it over in your pretty little head
Are you sure that I'm not the one
Is your love real or only fun
You think it over, yes, think it over
A lonely heart grows cold and old

Think it over and let me know
Think it over but don't be slow
Just remember all birds and bees
Go by twos through life's mysteries
You think it over, yes, think it over
A lonely heart grows cold and old

Think it over and think of me
Think it over and you will see
A happy day when you and I
Think as one and kiss the blues goodbye
You think it over, yes, think it over
A lonely heart grows cold and old

Think it over, think it over

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Songtrust Ave, Peermusic Publishing
Written by: Buddy Holly, Norman Petty

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


@MyCubiclePenguin Were you there in the 50's, a teenager?
The alternative was Mantovani or jazz or skiffle.
No disrespect but rock'n roll swept all that away for the
youngsters, I'm talking 13 upwards. It was our music,
our time and we loved it. You had to be there, to breathe it.
No disrespect to later artists but they don't have the soul
or the excitement of those extraordinary years. And I was there.
It's not a competition, if you think that you've missed the point
really, just enjoy the music.... it was special, of it's time,
now gone for ever.

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Buddy Holly

He’s the king of music.

Adam Cartwright

singing Bo-diddly rock since 1951

King Fresh27

Amen to that


If he'd lived, he'd be recognized as the greatest pop composer/singer ever


It's interesting to speculate what might have happened had he lived. He was headed in a MOR direction at the time of his death. Would he have taken inspiration from The Beatles and gotten a second wind as a rock and roller?

Mitzi Paulos

a lonely heart grows cold and old. !! what could've been if not for clear lake !! Buddy, you will not fade live on thru the music..


To all the Buddy Holly fans, Basically people who don't like this cant understand the origin of Rock & Roll music and how different and unique this was for that time period. A lot of groups copied his style and had tremendous Success. I can only imagine what great groundbreaking music he quite possibly would have created if not for the plane crash and the rest is history.


HAHAHAH buddy holly didn’t invent rock or even create this style

Josephine Duff

My condolences.

Roy Coates

@MyCubiclePenguin Not this sort of music.

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