Fuckoff Is Not the Only Thing You Have to Show
Cansei de Ser Sexy Lyrics

You wake up
You don't wanna live today
You make up
You wanna look good today
You break up
You feel like crashing down
You go to work
You wanna skip this round right now
Right na-a-a-a-aw
Right now
Right na-a-a-a-aw

You feel like you wanna change your life today
You feel bad cuz you didn't make it yesterday
You fall back
You think you ain't enough
You fall down
It's hard to get
Up alone
Up alone Alo-o-o-o-one

Fuck off is not the only thing you have to show
Fuck off is not the only thing you have to show
I know-i know

Contributed by Chloe P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Raphael Ferr

CSS no Popload Festival 2019 em SãoPaulo!!! Vai ser unico <3

Anderson Sanches

A letra dessa música representa tanto o momento que eu tô passando agora


Uma pena uma banda tão bacana ter se diluído por questões tão bobas...


@Vitor Campos Lino ,Amigo, acho que vai ser igual como era depois que o Adriano saiu.Tipo uma banda cover delas mesmo. Sem a qualidade performática no palco que tinham qndo eram os seis integrantes.

Vitor Campos Lino

As meninas do CSS anunciaram retorno


@nacho You may be right. The guy was the only one in the band who really understood music. But despite that, the band's songs are really cool. Do you think the same thing? Where you from?


@Wickaeru i think you only need the boy and the singer to made the band again, the rest are girls Who dont know play instruments, just marketing to sell the banda at begining


, @nacho The band ended for reasons of ego and unnecessary quarrels and lack of companionship. Lack of sensitivity and empathy among the band members. It ruins any relationship.

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Adrian O

Nice tunee ;3 

Shane V

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