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Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above
by Cansei de Ser Sexy

Callin me high on the telephone
Came by plane all alone
Spend the afternoon making a speech
Speech made you nervous that you couldn't eat
You came to show your mad love
You came to tell it's not enough
Come and erase me and take me with you
Kiss me I'm drunk, and don't worry it's true
I want to show me how mad is your love
Come and attack me it's not gonna hurt
Fight me deny me if I fear when your close
Let's make love and listen death from above

You knew my ideas when they were in my head
They were my secret evening plans
Wine then bed then more then again, wine then bad then more then again
Run run run, to make your heart shake
Kiss kiss kiss will make this earth quake
I'm gonna get what I'm willin to take
This gotta worth the miles you made
Come back I'll warm you up
Make me breakfast, I'll make it up
You're so talented I'm in love
Let's make love and listen death from above

I'm back with a smack, and I'm ready to attack
Stare at my lips and I see they were wet
I know how you're doing by loonking at your pants
And this is how we call it a comeback...

Screaming your name on the microphone
Going back home all alone
Listen to the tunes that you sent to me...
Listen to them good company
I want to show my mad love
You have to know it's not enough
Come and complete me, stay here with me
This is all true, it's water I drink
I want you to show me how mad is your love
Come and attack me it's not gonna hurt
Fight me, deny me if I fear when you're close
Let's make love and listen death from above

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Comments from YouTube:

Janae Longhurst

I was looking for help on my css homework but I found this gem...

Jon Quist

Lucky find!


Brazilian jewel

Lucas Ennes

999999 you know they had the most watched video on YouTube back in the day, right? first video ever to hit 100 million views

Gary Butler

@999999 Its a great song and your whining isnt going to change that!


@Gary Butler well its nice that you gringos like this, while almost no one here knows about them.. there is a joke "hermes and renato eu também sou hype" it's a parody they did back them bc these girls came from a wealthy background and used to do a lot of drugs.

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Os primeiros hipsters que a MTV me apresentou.

Guilherme G

Eles já eram antes de ser modinha

Izabela Diniz


andré pereira

Hipster não é estilo musical

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