Wee Wee Hours
Chuck Berry Lyrics

In the wee, wee hours
That's when I think of you
In the wee, wee hours
That's when I think of you
You say, but yet I wonder
If your love was ever true

In a wee little room
I sit alone and think of you
In a wee little room
I sit alone and think of you
I wonder if you still remember
All the things we used to do

One little song
For a fading memory
One little song
For a fading memory
Of the one I really love
The only one for me

Written by: Chuck Berry

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Vice Isms

Fun fact: Keith Richards chose this as one of 8 songs he couldn't live without if stranded on an island. Here's the full list:

Chuck Berry – ‘Wee Wee Hours’

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Aaron Neville – ‘My True Story’

Etta James – ‘Sugar On The Floor’

Freddie Scott – ‘Are You Lonely For Me’

Gregory Isaacs – ‘Extra Classic’

Nigel Kennedy and the English Chamber Orchestra – ‘Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons’

Little Walter – ‘Key To The Highway’

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Shane Lane

Johnny Johnson's piano on this and many of Chucks hits was outstanding !

Gary Farmer

My Ding-a-Ling play

Gary Farmer

My Ding-a-Ling play


@Jay Viviano
Yes. Johnnie Johnson was great, and integral to Chuck's sound and success (albeit Chuck was extremely talented, versatile and charismatic in his own right)!!!

Jay Viviano

@David Glowacki and @Shane Lane Yes. And thank you. It's nice to finally see people on a Chuck Berry thread acknowledge Johnnie Johnson.
He wrote the music for number of Chucks hits and collaborated with him between 1955 and 1966 yet most people in Chuck Berry world know nothing about him, so he never gets his proper due respect in that history or story

David Glowacki

+Shane Lane very annoying he has never made an album in his own right..CG without JJ would not have reached the heights he did

Marco Vinicio Chiriboga


Daniel Lackritz

If you like barrelhouse piano style, which is the name of the blues style Johnny plays when ticklin' the ivories, he provides his best performance on Chuck Berry's "LET IT ROCK" which allows him not to just break up the rhythm contrapunctually which is done so masterfully here in WEE WEE HOURS, but he rides the rhythm punctually, forcing the beat to drive itself into a frenzy. 'Let it Rock' is, like Johnny B. Goode, driven rhythmically by the barrelhouse blues funk, a masterpiece showcase of how his style can elevate a blues song into the hard driving dance
Classic rock and roll that makes it impossible for a dance couple to sit still which Little Richard and James Brown were so masterful at. Checkbout the piano accompaniment on Chuck's song, "LET IT ROCK" to hear Johnny Johnson at his very best rhthmically. It'll blow the roof off for you, the roof being your brain.

Frank Sennish

The great Johnnie Johnson!


That's how the drums should be played......SOLID GROOVE.....Not bloody fills everywhere.

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