River Deep Mountain High
Darlene Love Lyrics

When I was a little girl
I had a rag doll
Only doll I've ever owned
Now I love you just the way
I loved that rag doll
But only now my love has grown

And it gets stronger, in every way
And it gets deeper, let me say
And it gets higher, day by day

And do I love you my oh my
Yeh river deep mountain high
If I lost you would I cry
Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby

When you were a young boy
Did you have a puppy
That always followed you around
Well I'm gonna be as faithful as that puppy
No I'll never let you down

'Cause it grows stronger, like a river flows
And it gets bigger baby, and heaven knows
And it gets sweeter baby, as it grows

And do I love you my oh my
Yeh river deep, mountain high
If I lost you would I cry
Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby

If I lost you would I cry
Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby

I love you baby like a flower loves the spring
And I love you baby just like a robin loves to sing
And I love you baby like a school boy loves his pie
And I love you baby, river deep mountain high
Oh yeah you've gotta believe me
River deep, mountain high
Do I love you my oh my, oh baby
River deep, mountain high
If I lost you would I cry
Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby

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Written by: Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Quite simply one of the most astonishing and exhilarating performances ever caught on videotape. 

If I could only take five clips with me to the next world this would be one of them... and I can't think of what the other four would be.

God bless Darlene Love... from a man who first fell for her watching her on Shindig when I was 12.

And highest praise to everyone on that stage. Has there EVER been a time when a string section and a rhythm section and vocalists soared together like that? I don't think so.

My God... the earth stopped turning on its axis for a few minutes that night. And to see that young blonde woman on strings go from serious concentration to a huge grin is a beautiful thing.

Absolutely transcendent. Wow. BLISSFUL!

All comments from YouTube:

Jimmy from NJ

One of the greatest live TV performances ever. Of course Darlene, Paul and the Band. Such great backup singers including the amazing Pattie Darcy right behind Darlene, blond hair and black jacket. She is so vivacious and rocking, the blond violinist couldn't help feeling her vibe, monstrously good. Most of Dave's guests ended songs at about 2:45, they kept this going into another zone. Thanks for posting, on my Favorites forever.

Robert Hoffman

taduchepa fo Spector paid Ike to NOT be in the studio when this was recorded....Tina was the talent and Spector knew Ike was a jerk.

Robert Hoffman

Jimmy from NJ Love the blonde violinist....that smile is pure joy.

Bryan Phelan

@Pb fo THAT'S how you talk on here ? Trash.

Clayton Bryant

Joanna Steinman yes I Miss Pattie she was an incredible soul loved singing with her and just her loving on me she was amazing

Joanna Steinman

Yes it is.... this was originally to be Darlene's song.... Tina was a last minute change by Spector....
I was so drawn to Pattie Darcy when this first aired - and again when they reran the show two weeks later ....
she was found unresponsive in her home a little over a month later ... it still haunts me to watch it today....
You NEVER know how much time you have - live it to the FULLEST!

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LOVE IT.. the full orchestra really makes it - Darlene's is so enthusiastic and HAPPY - very emotional performance, the best. ... even the professional musicians are having a blast :)

Darrin Baker

I always got the feeling that this performance was Darlene's way of giving Phil Spector the finger for not letting her record the song in the first place.

Phillip Ephraim

@Ryan Esteban Instablaster ;)

Ryan Esteban

I dont mean to be off topic but does any of you know a way to log back into an instagram account??
I stupidly lost my login password. I would appreciate any assistance you can give me!

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