Angelitos Negros
Eartha Kitt Lyrics

Pintor nacido en mi tierra
Con el pincel extranjero
Pintor que sigues el rumbo
De tantos pintores viejos

Aunque la virgen sea blanca
Píntale angelitos negros
Que también se van al cielo
Todos los negritos buenos

Pintor si pintas con amor
Por qué desprecias su color?
Si sabes que en el cielo
También los quiere Dios

Pintor de santos alcoba
Si tienes alma en el cuerpo
Por qué al pintar en tus cuadros
Te olvidaste de los negros

Siempre que pintas iglesias
Pintas angelitos bellos
Pero nunca te acordaste
De pintar un ángel negro

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Alexander the ferret

Her Spanish is not good, it´s simply PERFECT. I am astonished. This is so beautiful.

Antonio Broccoli Porto

I would say for non speaker she’s very good.

Diego mellizo Gonzalez

Is true


Très belle chanson.

A Grant-Blackwell Muze

Outside the Beltway, when a MORON in charge of the department of edu said it was bad for kids to learn other languages when we were already reading by age 3. In the 60s, a normal kid could talk, we could read.
We started learning Spanish listening to her! Then went on to the Fania-All Stars.


Verdad que sí !! esa mujer se ha metido en mi cabeza ya por 2 meses !! tanto que ver de ella!

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Black little angels

Painter, born in my country
with the foreign paint brush,
painter, following the direction
of so many old painters.

Although the Virgin may be white
paint black little angels for me,
cause they go to heaven too
all the good little black angels.

Painter, if you paint whith love,
why do you despise your colour,
when you know, that in heaven
God wants them too.

Painter of saints of the bedroom,
if you have got a soul in the body,
why have you in painting your paintings
forgotten black people.

Everytime, when you paint churches,
you paint beautiful angels,
but never you remembered
to paint a black angel.

Everytime, when you paint churches,
you paint beautiful angels,
but never you remembered
to paint a black angel.

Mi Gruber

se7ensnakes spiLe

Ella Gutiérrez

Now I am even more in love with Eartha, her English, charming. Her French, delightful, oh but her Spanish.. is beyond words! Gawd she makes me melt!

Melissa Jean Filanc


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