Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Engelbert Humperdinck Lyrics

They asked me how I knew my true love was true
I of course replied "something here inside cannot be denied"
They said "someday you'll find all who love are blind"
When your heart's on fire, you must realize smoke gets in your eyes
So I *chaffed* them and I gaily laughed to think they could doubt my love
Yet today my love has flown away, I am without my love

Now laughing friends deride tears I cannot hide
So I smile and say "when a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes"
(smoke gets in your eyes, smoke gets in your eyes)



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Tina King

when I was a teenager, I started listening to Engelbert, and today I'm 70 and he's still my favorite singer. The best! I loooove him!

connie clayton

Engelbert brings tears to my eyes when he sings certain songs because his voice is just so powerful and is so beautiful and romantic ! And he is the most gorgeous man that ever lived !

Partha Ganguly

Eva Viezel: You are right Eva. But what I meant to say, in this song, his raspy notes add a sexy touch to the overall effect of the song. It’s a deliberate technic which singers use to enhance the effect of the song. His voice is unquestionably smooth.

Eva Viezel

@Partha Ganguly Enge's s voice, "raspy"? Better look up that word in a dictionary.
His voice is silky smooth etc. The most gorgeous voice and man ~ ever.

Partha Ganguly

Couldn’t agree with you more. He’s all poise and reserve. His raspy baritone simply wafts through the air and touches the innermost chord of your heartstrings.

Gigi H. Hammer

He is such a honey pot, his voice is like velvet, soft and so romantic. What a hunk of a man. Makes my heart beat faster. WOW.

Mistuh Ping

Beautiful arrangements by the one only Bebu Silvetti, with his piano and the conductor of the strings/orchestra. RIP Gran Maestro Bebu Silvetti 🙏🏻🙏🏻💜

Patricia Duncan

Oh my! This is so unbelievably beautiful! His pure, golden just gives me goose bumps! Every one of his songs I listen to I think is better than the last! Then another one comes on and I think the same thing! I don’t think that I can ever choose just one of his gorgeous songs as my favorite! Everyone is perfectly flawless and beautiful! 💙

Delania Benevides

UM ANJO DE 2015.

Francisco Ferrer Galiana

Espectacular versión.¡¡¡

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