The Beginning
Fin.K.L (핑클) Lyrics

Niggas a tell you not to love her cuz he love hearting her pictures
I was her pockets Never a priority until we was finished
I ask for was loyalty I was loyal from the start to the finish
I was happy in the beginning hope you happy with the ending
You was a tenant in my thoughts I never charged you to stay in it
Lemme live in yo heart I’ll give you whateva you let me stay in it
Airbnb I spent all of that jus for jus a day in it
Give me my ball back you took my heart jus to play wit it
Jus lemme speak I’ll pay you to listen
Fucked up a very artistic picture that I drew so vivid
Wait ... I don’t think you really see my vision
I’m only still trappin to make sure these lil niggas become my pension
Why you still got my heart read that letter wit yo name in it
Like arthritis every time it rain I can feel the pain in it
You don’t see Trust
You don’t see LOYALTY
You don’t see GAIN in it (NAWWW)
You see Lies
You see Cheating
You see CHANGE in it
Aggressive in the field but wit you baby my ways is different
I thought I didnt deserve the other but now I see it’s different
I'm Mobile wit it niggas at the spot say I’m weird and I’m trippin
I can’t prove that I wasn’t cheating only God is my witness
Happy in the beginning I hope you happy with this ending
I remain loyal from the beginning
Happy in the beginning I hope you happy with this ending
Can’t forget you but I’m done forgiving
It's Henny

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Written by: Framar Harris

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Comments from YouTube:


One of my fav songs ❤️




2:13 Yuri part lyrics is wrong. '미안해요 기다렸나요? 내가 그대에게 필요하다는걸 이제 알았어요' 'Sorry. Did you wait for me? Now I know that you need me.'

zizi jin

1.30 is ock joo hyun part

zizi jin

@KSECTOR welcome


@zizi jin oh I see, so then I make a mistake since I use the stage performance as reference, thank for correcting

zizi jin

@KSECTOR yes i saw it, but at their concert 1999 i saw this part is joo hyun and this is joo hyun sound


When I watch thier lives I saw Yuri was the one who singing that part

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