Crack Rock
Frank Ocean Lyrics

You don't know how little you matter
Until you're all alone
In the middle of Arkansas
With a little rock left in that glass dick
Used to date a blonde
You used to hit it raw
'Cause she was, and you are madly involved, madly involved

Hittin' stones in glass homes
You're smokin' stones in abandoned homes
You hit them stones and broke your home
Crack rock, crack rock
Crack rock, crack rock
Hittin' stones in glass homes
You're smokin' stones in abandoned homes
You're hittin' stones and broke your home
Ooh-ah, ooh-ooh
Crack rock, crack rock
Crack rock, crack rock

You're shuckin' and jivin', stealin' and robbin'
To get the fixin' that you're itchin' for
Your family stopped inviting you to things
Won't let you hold their infant
You used to get a little cut-up from time to time
But the freaks ain't tryin' to sleep with cracky

(Hittin' stones)
Hittin' stones in glass homes
You're smokin' stones in abandoned homes
You hit them stones and you broke your home
Crack rock
Crack rock, crack rock

Crooked cop, dead cop
How much dope can you push to me?
Crooked cop, dead cop
No good for community
Fuckin' pig get shot
Three-hundred men will search for me
My brother get popped
And don't no one hear the sound
Don't no one hear the rounds, ooh, sound
Don't no one hear the shells, ooh, shells
Don't no one hear a sound
Don't no one disturb the peace for riot
Don't no one disrupt nirvana
Don't no one wanna blow the high

Crack rock, ooh
Crack rock, ooh
Crack rock
How you feeling, girl? Ooh
How's the gutter doin'?
Crack rock

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Written by: James Ryan Wuihun Ho, Christopher Breaux

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Prasperede G

y’all I’ve been listening to this song forever but today I just realized the in the last verse when he says

“Don’t no one disturb the peace for riot
Don’t no one disrupt nirvana
Don’t no one wanna blow the high”

He’s directly comparing the state of US politics to being high on crack. Saying no one will disturb the peace to riot. No one will disturb Nirvana (a transcendent state of no suffering to put simply). And then ending it by saying that no one wants to blow the high. This right before he describes the excruciating reality of cops lives being worth more than black lives. But also hinting at how unstable and destructive this is. It’s actually crazy how nuanced it is.

Jesus Christ frank is something else.

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Idk why but this song makes me cry because my brother use to be a good kid but then my mom brought him to the u.s when he was 12 so he didnt have to grow up in the streets in el Salvador but shit went south after his freshman year he would just smoke blunts every now and then but now hes 19 and left the house when he was 17 and he hates me and my other brothers yet he doesn't know how much we still care for him but he doesn't seem to care now hes doing crack, dropped out in his junior year and now his "friends" tell me if i miss him. I tell em no because fuck those dudes because they are the reason why he started that shit anyways.

update: thanks for all the support, didnt realize all of the people who commented up until now, my brother is doing better, hes still struggling but hes making it, and i know some of yall been through this too and dont forget who you are truly, if others wont change for the better than so be it, its hard life, but its also a wonderful place when youre away from the distractions of negativity


@virgo and scorpio rising yea ik, i smoke weed or take acid every now and then but we're good now, he told me tho that the weed has become his routine, hes trying to cut it off but its hard, its not addictive, but you can still get addicted to whatever, hes just not feining bad if yk what i mean


@pressure oh i forgot to update my comment, but hes chillin now, we're cool now, we had our ups and downs, but we made it through it, thanks for the comment bro ✊🏽


Everything will be fine keep that love for your brother until he comes home 💯

curtis cousins

I have no experience with meth but ever since my mom and dad have been split up my mom has been struggling to get a home so she can see me and my brother regularly she was doing well for a while but then the guy she was with a daughter got her into meth and she was going in and out of it for about 3 or 4 years she's doing better now though trust me if he truly loves you guys he will come back if not... Just remember blood ain't always thicker than water

Puppet show

Hate to hear that.

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The 69 people who disliked were West Coast Classics fans

Flapjack Mack


Young And Sample beatz

Lol that's facts lol 😂😂

Keisha Holbrook


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