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I'll take bullshit if that's all you got
Some fertilizer
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Written by: James Edward II Fauntleroy, Reginald D. Perry

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Samara Covington

ok so i know for an absolute fact that my crush will not see this so i thought i'd tell my story .

btw all of us are in 8th grade .

so , this guy , we'll call him lucas ( not his actual name ) , he started going to my school this year . he's in my 4th and 5th period . i thought that he was really funny . and i didn't think anything further than " we could be friends " . but , around december , i started developing feelings for him . but then there was this girl who liked me . ( we'll call her tiana ) see , when i heard that tiana liked me , i conflicted back and forth in my head whether or not i would want to make tiana and i work , or make lucas and i work . i decided on tiana because i knew her for a longer period of time . we were going out for about a week or so ; things were going somewhat okay . then i miss a day of school because i was sick or whateva' . but when i come back tiana isn't talking to me and things are becoming awkward as hEcK . so i decided to cut things off between her and i for good . so now i have to try and make the decision on if i want to make lucas and i work , or if i should just let him and i stay friends . it's kind of a hard decision for me considering things would be awkward if he doesn't like me back .

so , what do i do ?
i'm thinking i should just try and get to know him better and see what his interests are , and just feel him out . so that he'll keep in the back of his head " hey , this girl cares about me " . because then when i tell him that i like him , he'll have somewhat of an idea on what to base his decision on . my main thing is i don't want things to go too fast . because then if our relationship is rushed , it won't be genuine .

let me know some feedback by replying plz <3 . ( also thx for taking the time by reading ) .

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Im so upset that this isnt longer

-angels with broken wings-


KeYonte Sconyers


angel santana.

This song is a cover, the full song is Fertilizer by James Fauntleroy.

Dopeman 111796

So am i


its supposed to upset you because its so fire

Kentaro Burress

RIP Ryan hope you're holding up alright Frank. Take all the time you need to make music and thank you for giving us great jams

Kentaro Burress

@jeeb i dont even know how to read


He ain’t reading this bro

Spring Kid Productions

Top 5 songs of Chanel Orange for me. I don't care if it's an interlude.

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