The September Of My Years
Frank Sinatra Lyrics

One day you turn around and it's summer
Next day you turn around and it's fall
And all the winters and the springs of a lifetime
Whatever happened to them all?

As a man who has always had the wandering ways
I keep looking back to yesterdays
'Til a long-forgotten love appears
And I find that I'm sighing softly as I near
September, the warm September of my years

As a man who has never paused at wishing wells
Now I'm watching children's carousels
And their laughter's music to my ears
And I find that I'm smiling gently as I near
September, the warm September of my years

The golden warm September of my years

Lyrics © CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: James Van Heusen, Sammy Cahn

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Keith Carr

when i hear this song for some reason it just crushes me his emotionalphrasing of every word every note i was so glad we got to have frank sinatra there will never be another artist like him

Keith Carr

@pmcdriver thank you for reading my post you are so right


Yes it crushes me too. He was a very very sensitive man. This is why he had a temper and why he could fall in love so easily, and make enchanting vocal music. He had very high highs, and very low lows, in his moods. these days they use clinical labels for everything, which I don't condone but they'd call him bipolar or manic depressive. trouble with labeling everyone who isn't "normal" is that everyone gets a label, and is therefore sick, because there is no such thing as "normal." every human is different, and if it weren't for the huge profits in the US medical and drug industry, there would be no reason to "fix" all of us with poisonous drugs.

Lynne Gladwin

This is a beautiful album however rather sad and very lovely he just feels every word. I just love 💕 the emotion.

Jade Zee

not sad...just reflective...and realization that we age...and we die

Tracy Simmons

Salute, Frank.Reaching back for yester year.The first sounds of the strings rips my heart out.

Tracy Simmons

@Dave Sanderson He was and is the best. Again Salute Frank.

Dave Sanderson

Tracy Simmons Yeah I hear you. They pull on the heartstrings indeed.

Dave Powell

This music brings so many memories and emotions from my parents generation. They played music all day on their hi-fi. We kids grew up with it. Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Nat King Cole and so many other “crooners”. So much American classic music. And it’s all about a generation who grew up during the Great Depression, fought and won WWII and created “The American Way”.

Tracy Simmons

@pmcdriver I listen to this album on my mother's HI FI ,still works great. Reaching back for yesteryear. Never crossed the wishing well . Salute Frank.

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