Hands Lyrics

Burn this body down to the ash and the dust, from which it came.
I curse within my heart, but sing a holy song.
I am a wolf among the sheep.

I am calling out Your name.
And I, I am broken at Your feet.
Release me, release me, release.

I am bound by the chains of temptation.
I am bound by the demons, staring back.
Let Your mercy rain upon us.

Take hold of my soul and put this body in the earth.
By Your blood I am alive. By Your grace I am released.

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Comments from YouTube:


This album is soooo great. Too bad for the people that will never hear this. Awesome... just... awesome.

Benny Harvey

Shame how unheard this is.

Krzysztof Makowski

my favourite song from this album

Daniel Tonkin

3:32 is transcendence onwards

Daniel Tonkin

By Your blood I am alive!!!!!!!!!

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