Hands Lyrics

I can feel my heart giving in to the weight of your design. And like a remedy your fixing me, while the world has left me blind. I sang for you, and meant what I said. But it's still hard to believe. I was burning my wick at both ends, but no light could be seen. I get frustrated. But I just need to let go. Lift me up (into your arms) and weigh me down. Reach straight into my heart. I've been holding on so long, but I just need to let go.I carried torches from east to west, and watched the flames burn themselves out. Fighting every battle, never trusting that you were on my side. I will fall into your arms and cry, you are God! Lift us up and hear our cry, you are God!

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Comments from YouTube:

Chase White

I never get tired of hands, my mom is 68 and loves what this band stands for, she jams it with me and knows all the words. So awesome!!!!!!!

Kevin Sullivan

way too of my favorite bands for sure!

Mark Svage

@underoath44 This song and The Helix are my favorites :)

Seona Stefanelli

Bring this back. We need you

Seona Stefanelli

Come back to life - evanescence

cesar simoes

guitar at 4:35 = massive eargasm .

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