The Aviators
Helen Jane Long Lyrics

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When I graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautics University this was playing at our ceremony. I knew immediately it was HJL Aviators. Gives me chills. Graduated with my Bachelor Degree in Aeronautics with honors. Been flying for 10 years. still love it like the first day I took off.

Daniel Ppool

Fellow Alumni myself. I wish I would of went through their pilot program.

Chris Costas

One of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard.

andi calman

Hi if you really enjoyed this try the listen to The following ost, lots of beautiful tracks.

Damiano Soppelsa

Ciao, search in Youtube Ezio Bosso "Bitter and Sweet"


Found this heavenly written song on Pandora and never felt such helpless tornado of emotions. Did not know beautiful music could stir such emotions. Well done helen Jane long. New fan


I found it on Pandora years ago, I forgot about Adele and her in 2019 until now, i feel the memories.

Zuby 101

This song makes me feel safe...I like that

Jonathan Jordan

When I hear this music, it touches something so sacred within me, and I just write........

D Pustolski

My father was in the Army Air Corps in World War II. I recently found a letter from him describing, in details, his first flight. I hear his words in this song. Thank you for such moving and beautiful music!

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