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Uneventful Day
Ideamen Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ideamen:

Bad Apple Wake up jump ship, get out of bed. Now…
Dead Utopia Awake in life without a birth. Unite, revise and…
Downtown Crier I know we were talking, that it was not your…
Know The Dance Here's the man, he knows of the dance It will put…
No Thought Should have given it a try – But I haven’t…
Paper Goose Gonna climb up on the roof today Try not to be…
Schemata Prologue Embrace from a letter will raise all the dead. …
Vivid With the devil in your eye, you'll feel a compromise. Nothin…

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Comments from YouTube:


Excellent! I played that show for them, so I remember it well. Ideamen will be back in St. Louis (at Cicero's in University City) on March 14th :)


Yeah, I liked Bathtime but preferred Last Time more. I really dug the style of the videos, I can only imagine how much work he put into them.


@almightyseancore: I'm not in the band, I just help them out because we go way back. I don't know how much they made at Cicero's, but it was actually a really good crowd. The place was small but packed, which is always better than big and empty. I heard something that the reason we were playing Cicero's was because Vampire Mooose was banned from everywhere else. Not sure how true that is though. Cicero's was one of the better shows of the tour though, in the top five or six for sure.


@namatay1 Oh yeah? Are you one of Dave's nephew's friends?


Never seen Last Time in Clerkenwell. In case you're not aware, there's another called "Bathtime in Clerkenwell." Pretty good one, as well.

tony pichicata


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