Hide N Seek
Imogen Heap Lyrics

Where are we?
What the hell is going on?
The dust has only just begun to form
Crop circles in the carpet
Sinking, feeling
Spin me around again
And rub my eyes
This can't be happening
When busy streets
A mess with people
Would stop to hold their heads heavy

Hide and seek
Trains and sewing machines
All those years
They were here first
Oily marks appear on walls
Where pleasure moments hung before
The takeover
The sweeping insensitivity of this
Still life
Hide and seek
Trains and sewing machines

(You won't catch me around here)
Blood and tears
They were here first
Mm, what'd you say?
Mm, that you only meant well
Well of course you did
Mm, what'd you say?
Mm, that it's all for the best
Of course it is
Mm, what'd you say?
Mm, that it's just what we need
You decided this
Mm, what'd you say?
Mm, what did she say?

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cutouts
Speak no feeling, no, I don't believe you
You don't care a bit, you don't care a bit
Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cutouts
Speak no feeling, no, I don't believe you
You don't care a bit, you don't care a bit

(You don't care a bit)
Oh, no, you don't care a bit
Oh, no, you don't care a bit
Uh-uh, you don't care a bit
You don't care a bit
You don't care a bit

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Comments from YouTube:

Van Goghs Severed Ear

She managed to make a song with almost zero musical backing entertaining and deeply emotional. You need an impressive understanding of melody to be able to do this. Something I don't really see anyone even mentioning, either. As a musician, I seriously admire the courage to put out something like this. No piano, no drums, no guitar, no bass, just vocals.

Captain Guts

Sleep Token nailed it with "Fall for Me"
You're welcome to anyone who just discovered Sleep Token, buckle up and bring tissues.


How can you write a comment like this not know about how much music there is out that uses only vocals?

Kirsten Skillen

She's amazing live. I got to meet her

Esau A.

@tiyenin No matter how you put it, she released a masterpiece with but 1 instrument. I think the processing, be-it correctional processing or not, is a pretty fair trade-off for LITERALLY having NO OTHER INSTRUMENTS in the piece. She is one of very few who has successfully pulled this off. Be it what it is, the respect is due for what Imogen Heap pulled off.


I've been listening to this song for years and honestly just realized there is no music. I feel dumb, but happy because this song is just so great

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Vincent Haddad

Man, 2:52-3:22 is both ahead of its time and timeless. What a composition.

Brian Bubu Leh

@Michael S. really? And how many of your songs have earned you over $1m in revenue?


@Michael S. Keeping in my mind, this entire thing started by essentially stating that the production of the singing is talentless and that anyone can use software to make their voice sound like this. Nevertheless, she is still singing and you can hear the real singing behind all of the mess - and it’s frankly really beautiful. You can tell she has a pretty amazing singing voice. You talk about in a previous comment about the immaturity and unprofessionalism of poking fun at someone’s personal character - in which, in this case, it was something that was directed towards you. But that just brings me back to the original comment you made towards the artist, and ultimately the disrespect that you’ve brought into a comment section towards the people that came here to listen and enjoy it - because they like it. In the same way you see the wrong of bringing someone’s personal character into the conversation, I think what you’ve been doing holds the same amount of disrespect, complete unnecessary-ness, uncalled for, immature, and you’ve come to butt in your negative opinion towards the main commenter who clearly enjoys her music. It would have been much better as a stand-alone comment - but oh, no - we can’t do that because we want to be heard and what’s the best way to be heard then to attempt to start a flame war. “How does the actual truth strike you, Charlie Brown?”. There has to be better professionalism then that.

Edit: And, please, read Hyper Space’s comment. Because you didn’t respond to that at all. You expect people to read your fifty-five paragraph essays but you don’t give Hyper Space the clear recognization he deserves because what he wrote is incredibly insightful and intelligent - and, he wrote it all for you.

King of Portals

Jason Derulo thought so as well, he made a full blown song based off of that part of the song!

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