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Yeah, yeah
Woo (Nostalgia)

Look at my face, I do not give a fuck
I pray for my niggas, I'm hopin' they buss
She twerkin' and twerkin', she turnin' it up
All my niggas backstage and we burnin' it up
They clappin' and braggin', they thirsty for clout
If you talk bad you'll get one to your mouth
My niggas are hungry, the streets are a drought
We leave with your gyally, we're gettin' it down (down, down, down, down, down)

Ayy, ayy, I'm goin' to Paris to link with a baddie
Before I jet off I'ma bill up a fatty
My baby, she bad and she drive a Bugatti (yeah, yeah)
Run up a check and I beg you be quick
Got diamonds and Gucci all up in my wrists
I come to the place like I just hit a lick

I just hit the fuckin' belly-belly
Sexy mami, tell her to come and get me
Smokin' loud, I got that smelly-smelly
Now she's rubbin' all up on my semi-semi
Twenty rackers if you wanna book me
Never take me for a fuckin' rookie
In the booth, you know I'm fuckin' cookin'
Workin'-workin', juggin' when there's no one lookin'

Fuckin' up all these feelings
JAY1 couldn't give a fuck about breddas
Peng tings wanna do pie (uh)
Bitch, am I lookin' like Memphis?
I got the whole gang doin' up leverage
D9 stepped through lookin' like the bestest
Ephraim, put the peng tings on the guest list
Bro's ain't gotta be there for a mention (ayy, look)

I got a baddie, she thick as a brick
Freak of the week when I wind up the tint
Gave me the coochie and buss up my Gucci
Didn't like trap, ruined the drip
Pissed that I lost my grinder
Now I'm the function lookin' for chip
Bros got smoke for pricks
That not a trailer, that's an extended clip
Look at the clothes, I bought her those, look at the kicks
She fucks with the boy 'cause we're young and we're lit
And she didn't eat dinner but she ate the dick
It's probably 'cause we're on top
If I drop this top, she'll drop her top
I told bro-bro go look for her bestie but he's in the corner lookin' for opps
Fuck the cops
Medicinal weed, it's makin' me cough
I'm with the squad
Told her pull up to the zoo Gorillas all over the block (huh)
Biscotti or dog (huh)
All in the air like fog
Beefin' with bro, bring the burger out
Wipe his nose, give him somethin' to smirk about
She heard from a Donny that I got a longy
Now she wanna ride it, that's word of mouth
Fuck the clout
I just wanna free all of my people out
All the drip on the boy, I don't see a drought
We them niggas on top that they speak about

Fuckin' up all these feelings
JAY1 couldn't give a fuck about breddas
Peng tings wanna do pie
Bitch, am I lookin' like Memphis?
I got the whole gang doin' up leverage
D9 stepped through lookin' like the bestest

Ephraim, put the peng tings on the guest list
Bro's ain't gotta be there for a mention

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Jay-Jay Johanson's "Milan Madrid Chicago Paris" is a song about the search for true love. The singer of the song sings about how he searched all over the world, in different cities and countries, hoping to find the one true love that he has been searching for. He turns around to see if someone is looking back at him, and he falls in love with someone's eyes. However, his love was unrequited and he was thrown away. But despite this, he continues to search for his special someone and goes on to explore different parts of the world in search for love.

Throughout the song, the singer shows passion, enthusiasm, and determination in his pursuit of love. He goes to Havana, Berlin, Hawaii, and Brazil in his search, never giving up and hoping to find the one that he can spend the rest of his life with. In the end, he finds someone who he thinks may be the one, but is unable to be with her since she is already married to another man.

The lyrics of the song shows the universal theme of love, and how it can take people to different cities, countries, and even different parts of the world in search for their soulmate. The singer in the song shows how love can push us to do anything, and how sometimes we have to face the reality that love is not always easy to find.

Line by Line Meaning

Milan, oh! madrid, chicago, paris
The singer is naming different cities around the world, indicating that they have searched many places.

I searched and I searched again
The singer has been on a quest to find someone.

I turned around to see if you were looking back
The singer has been hoping for a sign from the person they're searching for.

I saw your eyes and fell in love
The artist has finally found the person they were searching for, and has fallen in love with them at first sight.

I caught a glance of heaven but was thrown away
The artist's happiness at finding their love was brief, as something happened to separate them.

So now my quest is search the world for you
The singer has renewed their quest to find the person they love.

Havana, berlin, hawaii, brasil
The singer is naming more cities they have searched in for their love.

I search all over the world for you
The artist is determined to find their love no matter where it takes them.

My hope was running dry then finally one day
The artist has been feeling discouraged, but one day something changed.

I saw a face I've seen before
The artist recognizes someone's face, and realizes it's the person they've been searching for.

You smiled at me but said
The person the singer loves acknowledges them, but says something that concerns the singer.

I really care, I do
The person the artist loves cares about them.

But in love and married to another man
The person the singer loves is already in a committed relationship, and cannot be with the singer.

Lyrics © CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Berna, Emmanuel Oparah, Jason Juami

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