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Don't check up on me
I'm not okay
Don't follow me
Make your own lane
Don't expect me
To change the game
I'm doing me
These rappers the same
I may be a dweeb
But I'm far from lame
Give me the money
Bitch, fuck the fame
Never complacent
Always arrange
I can't back down
I'm spitting pain
Been through much
I seen roaches run out the kitchen
While I'm looking for paper
Can't see my mom work a job
She can't stand
So she can put food in the refrigerator
Bitch, I work hard for a reason
Different styles with a different treatment
All men are created equal
Some work harder in pre season
That's me and drew and Paydro
Build this shit up like legos
No, I'm not fresh
I can't except less
Cause I really want the bank rolls
Trying to blow up like a volcano
Spin this around
Like a tornado
Fuck a bad bitch
She's a savage
Then I pass her like hot potato
Ay, bro
Focus on the bag
Get the fuck out of your feelings
No, I'm not saving you
I'm the motherfucking villain
Super sick
I'm refilling
All these thoughts I'm hearing
Should I start with the killing
Or chill for a minute?
Maybe not
Safety blocks

Don't make me stop

Overall Meaning

In these lyrics, Jay expresses his independence and determination to carve his own path in the music industry. He urges others not to check up on him or expect him to conform to the norms of the game. He sees himself as different from other rappers who he perceives as being unoriginal and stagnant in their artistry. Jay may consider himself a dweeb, but he asserts that he is far from being lame. He prioritizes financial success over fame, emphasizing that he is not complacent and always looking to improve.

The second part of the lyrics delves into Jay's personal experiences and hardships. He vividly recalls moments of poverty and struggle, such as seeing roaches in the kitchen and his mother having to work a job she dislikes just to provide food for the family. These experiences have shaped Jay's work ethic and drive, motivating him to work hard and achieve success. He believes in equal opportunities for everyone but acknowledges that some individuals work harder than others. Jay mentions his friends Drew and Paydro, and together they have built their careers from scratch, likening it to assembling Lego blocks.

Jay's focus is on attaining financial stability and becoming a massive success in the music industry. He references blowing up like a volcano and spinning things around like a tornado, using metaphors to convey his ambitions and desire for rapid success. He dismisses romantic relationships and labels women as savage, suggesting he only sees them as objects to be passed around casually. Jay warns against getting caught up in emotions and encourages others to focus on their own financial goals rather than relying on him for assistance.

The final part of the lyrics takes a darker turn as Jay questions whether he should give in to thoughts of violence and killing. He ponders whether he should take a moment to chill or act on these thoughts. The mention of safety blocks implies a sense of restraint or self-control, hinting that he may ultimately choose not to act on any violent urges. These lyrics reflect Jay's complex and conflicted mindset, portraying himself as a villainous figure who prioritizes his own success over the well-being of others.

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