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Marco Dunk Bohler

Tommy Flanagan: Jesus Christ I am so glad that Giant Steps is over with!! Next song please!!
John Coltrane: This next one is called Countdown.
Tommy Flanagan: Ok but I'm not soloing on this one.


@Taco Taco these Tommy jokes are tired lol

Taco Taco

Tommy's version of Giant Steps is a classic as well. He just needed some time to practice it is all haha


The reason why the bassist doesnt play until the end because if he played one more note the concentration of matter would have become too thick and have caused a rift in the space-time continuum ending all known life as we know it.

K. Katze

Quite possibly that had already happened, and we're currently living in the new dimension Trane opened.


Could'nt have said it better!

Matteo Mancuso

This is one of my favourite comments on Youtube

Marsel Music

i dont know why I read this comment so fast

Victim Of Fate

idk, Paul Chamber was God enough to fix that issue.


Tommy Flanagan: Alright so what’s the tempo for this one?

John Coltrane, snorting a metric ton of cocaine: I am speed

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