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This rhythm section is killin it.

Kael MacQuarrie

One of the best jazz albums of all time

Jack Plays Folk

It sounds like you’re falling into a spiral


that's the idea


This improvisation by Coltrane is simply amazing: a tension, a crescendo ... perfect !!!

Brian Bousquet

This song should stop traffic its astonishing how intricately lovely it sounds and happily I cannot stop listening to it,thank you 60otaku4 for posting this song and helping me see true beauty in this world.I pray you also have a peaceful 2017 :)

Jaydan Bowen

I hope 2020 continues in its current spiral downward. Aliens, zombies, I don’t care. Give me something besides this stupid pandemic


This comment hasn’t aged so well lmao

al johnson

Welp, here is to 2018.


You're most welcome, Brian-san!!
Otaku4 (*^_^)/

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