The Traveler
La Strada Lyrics

Wake up get up
To the dark of night
To start to a fire
You gotta make a light
You left your world behind
You got nothing to know
It's fine.

You always were a traveler
You're looking for love by light of fire
You yearn for a distant shore
Is it out there
Is there more

I'm shock in the middle of
Our beautiful storm

To l.a. to learn desire
To island town to stoke the fire
That burns to your aching heart
Now you're out there

Let's start

Was our love
Broken by steel
Is our land our heart or our heel
Cuz I gave my hope away
& i'll give it all again today

I'm shock in the middle of
Our beautiful storm

I got noone
Not even earth sky and sun
Only these dreams of yearning
Yearning I have become
Show me one true way to belong
That I can have love & it aint wrong
Here we go

Contributed by Nathan L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Mark C Littler

certainly impressive, the shape and width should make it economical and easy to maneuver, plenty storage space, floor storage of heavy items makes the vehicle more stable.

Sandra Harris

Enjoyed the film agree with mark. Is there Canadian delivery. Thanks for sharing.


European designers of these vans know how to freaking use the space. I feel sad that American RVs are huge with most space wasted. Thank you for these videos. keep em coming

Сергей Погосов

Очень понравился! Компоновка всего, очень комфортная, вот такую и хочется! Молодцы.

Bob Cruise

Love the color of the interior, sorry you didnt, it seems like the best I’ve seen. You didn’t tell if the refrigerator is a compressor style, and hopefully it has a microwave and a 3000 watt inverter, but you didn’t say how big the lithium is plus the solar. Love it

Alan Heath

Equipment like lithium and solar you put in yourself so that depends on how much you want. No microwave, there is an inverter, fridge compressor.

brighton dude

I think it's pretty good that one. The floor in the garage isn't flat. It suggests they aren't using the Mercedes chassis that Hymer are using and if I had the money for a Merc I'd want that chassis I think. It is the first time I've seen a TV in a good location although I'd never watch TV in a motorhome myself. I'd rather watch stuff on my MacBook Pro. I love the window at the back behind the bed. Also good that they don't have storage units at the back so you don't bang your head on them when you wake up. I wish other manufacturers would put a window in that position. The interior is modern but a little bit sterile. It needs something added to it I think, but not much, just some warm highlights.

Antoñio Sá

Show. Fantástica essa configuração.

Nero jr. Jabbari

I like your reviews. Straight forward, no music on background, no bs. Keep it up!

Alan Heath

Thank you!

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