Blue Midnight
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Tom Dunn

I believe that Little Walter set the standard for harp. His playing is alive and, all too often, others soudn flat and unimaginative. Hi use of the reverb set at the speed of the music in Juke took me fifty years to notice. In that song, if you listen, he sounds like a sax and a trumpet at times. The man was - and, to me, remains - the greatest harp that ever blew through one.

Walter George

Just old stock Pic's. He did play Chromatic, but not in this song.The songs in F, & he's playing a Bb harp in second position.

Jive Melon Farmer

He. Was not a harp.

homesick clifford

Tom Dunn 😯
Looks like a chromatic harp in 1st picture, but sound of song doesn't sound like one, any experts?


I've attempted to read almost everything put onto paper about Walter Jacobs. Interesting things reported about him and how his playing on records and then compared to how he was live - in the studio with Chess, there was a lot of pressure on him from the producers and recording managers about whether he should play amplified or acoustically, plus song structures as well. Apparently his playing was almost subdued as a result. When he played live, he would let loose completed and apparently his harp work was just unbelievable to hear and clearly a next level above. Wouldve been amazing to witness.

Tony Freeman

Chills runnin up and down my spine.


You can feel the music entering through your skin, going directly to your brain, stoping for a while in your heart and going away through your eyes, carried by your tears... Thanks for the song...


This cat invented modern blues harp---there were great harp players before him, like the two Sonny Boys, but he had the godalmighty TONE and knew how to use the recording (thank you, Marshall Chess) to bring it out--and he could nail it on both regular blues harp and chromatic. A true king!

Mark M

I love that echo this version has. Makes that harp sound so much more dirty. Cheers.


The magician of harmonica.

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