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Chopin: Nocturne No.8 in D flat Op.27 No.2
Maurizio Pollini Lyrics

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The Musical Gerbil

So many commenters seem blissfully unaware that the tempo Chopin indicated for this piece is actually (despite the "Lento Sostenuto") incredibly fast: 50bpm in half-measure. Pollini is virtually the only pianist who actually plays it approaching the tempo Chopin wrote (even then he's quite a bit slower), so any criticisms of this being too fast, take it up with Fred...


@rigel48 k

mickie winnie

Word is that it was patterned after the phosphorous "dancing" on the surface of the sea during the boat ride by Chopin and Georges Sand to Majiorca (sp?). Hence, a high tempo is likely.

Thierry Théodose

Definitely too fast, don’t like it at all. Never seen this piece played so fast,, just as if he would like to get rid of it 😱😱Prefer Evgueni Kissin’s version by far better

Pablo Ernesto Lagos Yampo

Jim, TWICE's pet gerbil that's it! I had the feeling that this version sounded more emotional

yan zhou

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Peanut Butter

I don't understand how people say he's expressionless. There's so much expression in his playing. As far as modern pianists go especially, he's pretty good at not being boring.

Vera Tolstoj

How can you possibly say that he doesn't feel the music? Look at his face! It shows such emotions. Even if one couldn't hear the music, one could say -just by looking at his face- that it is a masterpiece, played by a master.


Good thing people in the youtube comments know more about tempo than a world class pianist.

Let's Play Piano !

Bartoldo prove me that I’m wrong then

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