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Greek Medley
Nikos Ignatiadis Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Nikos Ignatiadis:

Listen Let's play! A happy greeting tune Let's play! Because I met…
Still in love with you Still in love with you Nikos Ignatiadis I walking the rain …

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Έκκληση προς προς τους δημιουργούς!
Απο τις συμμορίες που μας αφαιρούν τα σχόλια,
ποιός θα μας προστατεύσει???
Αυτά έχουν σχέση με τον ψυχισμό μας
και την ιστορία μας μόνο και καμιά με τις Εταιρείες
που κλείνουν όπως η G+στις-2-Απριλίου.
΄΄Οσοι υπέγραψαν επαίσχυντες συμφωνίες
με τις Εταιρείες,ώστε να θεωρούν όταν κλείνουν
και τα σχόλιά μας περιουσία τους,
θα πρέπει να ντρέπονται..!!!!!

All comments from YouTube:

nikos ignatiadis

Thank you very much making this video with my songs including also two songs of other known Greek composers all in my arangemant's

Heinz-Otto Achilles

Wohltuende Klänge

Danica Nakić


Selma Regina Moraes

Divino, Ah !!!! Meu Deus se soubesse escreve o que sinto ,sei que sairia lagrimas em forma de pétalas de rosa só de gratidão por ter esse Luxo de ouvir as bençãos que esse homem divino Nikos , sabe fazer através de Deus ... showwwwwwww...

Laimutis Gruce

Molto piano, uno bellisimo!
° -__ ✿ __- °
Очень красивая музыка!

Claudine Segondy

Superbe vidéo sur une musique que j'aime beaucoup.

Sabine Wittmann

Wunderschöne Musik und Aufnahmen. Könnte ich den ganzen Tag hören.Toller Interpret.

johan robbertse

A God-given talent, so stimulating, so relaxing, thank you-South AFRICA

Larry Knoesel

I Love this Medley very dearly.. Please make another one. It is very relaxing, soothing, so very easy on the ears. Throw in some singers in as well. You do have such a magic touch there is No words that can express beauty that your music brings out. Please...... Cheers Larry Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Danica Nakić

Nikos I + Melodi Greek***

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