Cosmos Rockin'
Queen + Paul Rodgers Lyrics

What planet is this hmm?
Let there be rock 'n' roll!

It's a Saturday night and I'm home alone
With the music on quiet I'm flying solo
Then my feet start moving to the sound of the beat
Put the music up loud hear it in the street
Then the neighbors start banging on my front door
Throw the door wide open saying what's your point
Come on in let's rock this joint

We got the whole house rocking [Repeat: x5]
To the mighty power of rock 'n' roll

We dance out of the door, dance into the street
And all the people are swaying to the musical beat
We rock down the road and down to the town
And all the people stare and smile and they get down
Then the police man says "stop this noise"
But the beat takes over now he's one of the boys
The beat's taken over now he's one of the boys

Come on down let's rock this town

We got the whole town rocking [Repeat: x5]
To the mighty power of rock 'n' roll

Let's go
Let it roll
Are you ready?
Said are you ready?
The cosmos rocks
Across seven seas through the Panama,
Now they're rockin' on beaches
And they're rockin' in bars
Don't ask me how and don't ask me why
From Miami Beach down to old Bondi
There's a rock 'n' roll fever
In every place
Next thing you know
They'll be rockin' out in space

Come on down let's rock this place
Come on down and
Sock it to me

We got the whole world rocking [Repeat: x5]
To the mighty mighty mighty power

We got the cosmos rocking
We got the cosmos rocking
We got the universe rocking
We got the cosmos rocking
We got the cosmos rocking
To the might power of rock 'n' roll

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Comments from YouTube:

Paul Thomas Johnson

*Siiiiiiiiigh* Paul Rodgers isn't trying to replace Freddie. That's why he's singing in his own style, and not trying to imitate.

Claudio González

People don't understand that, because they are used to seeing Freddie Mercury with Queen


its the same with adam


i could totally hear that opening "YEAH" being sung by Freddie! this song sounds like a single from the 80s.

max Headroom


Lucas Seman

paul rodgers history is longer than queen,he´s created a very solid career since the 70´s,and the song is great,so why critize???

Billygoats Gruff

* late 60s


I don't understand the hate for this album. I'm not going to say it's my favourite ever, but based on this first impression, it still seems like decent music and worth at least a listen.

John Westcott

Paul Rodgers is one of my favourite vocalists of all time. He really brought out the more rock/Led Zeppelin side of Queen, rather than the more operatic side that Freddie brought out in them. I love both. And I have no doubt that if Mercury could speak to us today, he'd love it, too. The last thing he'd want is for May and the boys to stop rocking due to his passing.

Queen will never die.

Samantha Davis

I saw Queen + Paul Rodgers live in Brixton in March 2005 and again at the o2 in 2008, Paul has his own unique style of singing and doesn't try and mimic Freddie in the least. I think this is a great track and the rest of the album was fantastic. So stop slating Paul Rodgers, he's a great singer and he's NOT TRYING TO BE FREDDIE!

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