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Say It's Not True
by Queen + Paul Rodgers

The harder we play
The faster we fall
When we think that we know it all
We know nothing at all

The letter arrives
Like a bolt from the blue
So what's left of your lives
All your dreams lost to you

Say it's not true
Say it today
When I open my eyes
Will it all go away

Say it's not true
Say it for real
Can't be happening to you
Can't be happening to me

It's hard not to cry
It's hard to believe
So much heartache and pain
So much reason to grieve

With the wonders of science
All the knowledge we've stored
Magic cocktails for lives
People just can't afford

Say it's not true
You can say it's not right
It's hard to believe
The size of the crime

Say it's not true
You can say it's not real
Could be happening to you
Could be happening to me

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Comments from YouTube:

R3ker 2016

Imagine this song but with Freddie 's voice

Heather Qualy

Even Freddie didn’t sing every Queen song. I think this really suits Roger’s and Brian’s voices for the quieter verses, and that Paul’s naturally blues-y voice is perfect for the last one.

Dasher Hasta La Muerte

@Lorraine Cimino but it will be more perfect with freddie :D

Lorraine Cimino

No, it is absolutely perfect with Roger, Brian and Paul.

jan skornsek

R3ker 2016 i Like Roger

Simon Banstead

In a way, it wouldn't exist.

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Bill Lange

People may not like Paul + Queen, but this was such a wonderful album. I still listen to it quite regularly and it will always have a special place in my heart. I wish that John had done the album with them, but I understand. I was hoping for another album from these 3 gents and I DID get to see them when they were on tour in the US in Worcester, Massachusetts. I was 50 feet from the thrust stage and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Hearing them perform Love of My Life broke my heart and was one of many times I cried during that show.

Queen is and always will be my favorite band and no one can ever replace Freddie, but they can certainly honor his life and love. That's what that tour was about. It was about giving a new generation a chance to experience a taste of what Queen was like in their heyday. Sadly, I didn't start listening to Queen until Wayne's World came out which was a short time after Freddie left us.

If there is an afterlife, and if there is a band there made up of all the greatest musicians that ever lived...Freddie Mercury is their front man. Freddie, come ti amo. <3


Tbh I hate adam lambert

Dancin' Queen

@Bill Lange Your words really touched my heart--thanks!

Johnny John & the Schemin' Dreamers

it was a solid record. unfortunately queen has taken it down from their official channel. oh well. maybe they don't like it as much as we do?

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