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Roger Taylor Lyrics

There's just one thing
That we all crave
From the cradle
To the grave
A state of grace
A point in space
Or point in time
In time of peace
In times of war
The self same goal
That we yearn for
Some have it all
But still have less
What we all need is happiness

Happiness is what you need
Yeah happiness is all around
It's not easy to define it
It can't easily be found
No it can't easily be found
It can't easily be found
You know that it's true
'Cause happiness
Just can't be bought
Such purity more precious still than gold
And happiness
Can't just be taught
When you're young or if you're old
No matter how - how hard you try
In your own life, and through your years
With every up - must come a down
Enjoy the laughter and the tears
Of happiness

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Comments from YouTube:


his solo work is so underrated... its sad that most ppl dont know about this side of Roger... he is so talented


Hes work is known for die hard Queen fans not masses.

Ant Smith

Rogers solo work is vastly underrated.
Totally different from queen..

Refreshing change..

Marc Moingeon

Roger Taylor did some very good songs and albums, it's just a pity they didn't reach the deserved success. Happiness is a very good album, probably his best, indeed. More relaxed, more organic sounding too, quite often, with still his very personal "electronic edge".
Roger Taylor is certainly one of the very rare singers with a hoarse voice that I really love. His voice has got something that I've always liked a lot.

michelle storey (michelle88960)

Love Roger's voice. But why do people with beautiful eyes always wear sunglasses? Paul Newman did the same. You can't hide them Roger, we know they are behind them specs.


Can't forget MJ. That cute bean wore them all the damn time xD

Martin Pitts

Because he was very nearsighted and he wore the sunglasses on stage because of all of the bright lights. They are prescription.

Денис Баринов

Just amazing, just outstanding, just the kind of magic

Stefano Pavone

Correct - an unfortunate case of photosensitivity.

Grachi Sol

michelle88960 I believe those are prescription sunglasses.

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