Tie Your Mother Down
Queen + Paul Rodgers Lyrics

Ooh, ooh yeah, ooooh yeah
Get your party gown
Get your pigtail down
Get your heart beatin' baby
Got my timin' right
Got my act all tight
It's gotta be tonight my little
School babe

Your Mamma says you don't
Your Daddy says you won't
And I'm boilin' up inside
Ain't no way I'm gonna lose out this time - oh no

Tie your mother down
Tie your mother down
Lock your daddy out of doors
I don't need him nosin' around
Tie your mother down
Tie your mother down
Give me all your love tonight

You're such a dirty louse
Go get outta my house
That's all I ever get from your
Family ties, in fact I don't think I ever heard
A single little civil word from those guys
But you know I don't give a light
I'm gonna make out all right
I've got a sweetheart hand
To put a stop to all that
Snipin' an' grousin' goin' on all night

Tie your mother down
Tie your mother down
Take your little brother swimmin'
With a brick (that's all right)
Tie your mother down - yeah yeah
Tie your mother down
Or you ain't no friend of mine - ooh no friend of mine -
No no, ow, yeah, bad guy

Ooh, your Mammy and your Daddy gonna
Plague me till I die
They can't understand it, I'm just a
Peace lovin' guy

Ooh, tie your mother down
Tie your mother down
Get that big big big big big big daddy out of doors
Tie your mother down - yeah
Tie your mother down
Give me all your love tonight
All your love tonight

Give me every inch of your love - ooh
All your love tonight
Yeah, gotta get my timin' right hey
Ooh, all your love
Tie your mother down

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: BRIAN MAY

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Comments from YouTube:

CandyGir45 Minecraft

I saw Queen & PR twice, they were fantastic, paul never tried to step into Freddie's shoes, he just sang the songs the way they were ment to be sang! I never had the privilage of seeing Freddie live or Queen as a whole, but we have there live concerts on DVD for good memories, Freddie is gone but never forgotten R.I.P

Lee Stones

Nine years later have you seen queen and adam Lambert live if so what do you prefer??I never got the chance to see queen and paul Roger's but ive queen and adam lambert twice and loved it !!

etienne konter

This is just freaking awesome paul rodgers is just a real legend


just to see brian may make that entrance live


Reachin' Out


always loved the energy of a live show - the rush is amazing


Actually I have that DVD and, while he misses a couple the vast majority of the time he's right on. Check out the "We Will Rock You" concert DVD from Montreal. He's 100% on that one.

Daniel French

Dare I say, this might be my favourite live performance of Tie your mother down?? 😅✌️plus, anyone else get excited when Paul sings those first lines of Reaching Out?? 😃😃✌️😂

Chris Wainwright

Amazing Paul voice on this plus Roger and Brian 😍

Ninja Dragon

For me, Paul was real member of Queen <3

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