Tacobel Canon
Ratatat Lyrics

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Great memories to this song. Nostalgia bringin' a tear to me eye

David Norman

Same mann🙋‍♂️😔... cant wait for man on the moon 3 to release


I can only describe this as being awake at 3AM and deciding to go for a walk through town after everything has gone still.


I am awake at 3AM reading this and listening to this song. Unfortunately working on an essay instead of having this tempting stroll.


It sounds like summer at night.


have you ever been to heaven at nite?

Connor McGrath

I just realized its a goof on pachelbel canon

Poshlost Oblast

Came here for this confirmation, have been listening to this song for all of my life it feels like but just discovered Pachelbel's Canon today (or the association, everybody knows that melody from having gone to a wedding in their life).


This is the in-game music when you smoke weed in Animal Crossing.


Why does the desc. Say this was made by kid cudi.

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