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Sam Paganini Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Polyester' by these artists:

Clea I am not a reason to be reasoned in a…
Daisybox Je suis démodé Je cours à contre sens Et file déconnecté …
Luke Dick I grew up in a sea of red All the dirt,…
Maximilian Hecker Touching flowers with your scream Meeting sweets She smiles …
Maximilian Hecker(막시밀리안 헤커) Touching flowers with your scream Meeting sweets She smile…
Suburban Legends Do [x15] La [x15] Do [x15] Walk around the world acting lik…
Tom Helsen Silently repeating, Esther is my charm She'll light up for…
Unusual Demont Covered in satin But polyester your skin Gold on your neckla…

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Comments from YouTube:


My dad kicked down the door and shouted:PUT THIS SHIT LOUDER !!!!


hahaha ... dad wanna dance like a mad man to this beat !


+Lorenzo „Old but LOL“ Gastaldi haha



Lorenzo Gastaldi

best comment of all times


I was there - IT WAS AMAZING!!! Mannheim RUUULES!!

Peter Szasz

what a flow!

Aleksandr radkevic

sound incredible!!! love!!!

Brok Landers

that track is amazing... combines precious oldschool in todays clothes in a very nice way. love it...

Juanma Aguilar

Amiiiiiigo, cuarentena 2020 y yo punchi punchi en mi pieza encerrado con este temooon! ♥

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