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Song Of The Hanged Man
Sharron Kraus Lyrics

I am walking the straight and narrow backwards
To see everything turned around
I am hanging from the highest point
To see the world from upside down

I've seen a river flow upstream
And swallows flying north
I've seen a rich man share with the poor
And a poor man know his worth
I've seen love in a torturer's eye
Seen broken bones mend on the wheel
I've seen a servant return home
And before him his master kneel

I've seen a mother rape her son
And a daughter kill her father
I've seen a priest confess to a whore
And a jailer set free by his prisoner
I've seen the moon overtake the sun
And the evening star rise in the morning
I've seen insects devour a kingdom
And lions heed a warning

I've seen a child lead an army
And I've seen a dead man weep
I've seen elephants in mourning
And I've heard monkeys speak
I've seen snow fall in the desert
And the sea set on fire
I've seen a dead tree sprout leaves
And bones rise from a pyre

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