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Should I Stay or Should I Go ?
Songhoy Blues Lyrics

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Ice Cube and Mack 10 Mack, you got everything on here except some damn rock'n'rol…

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BAMAKO Samedi soir à Bamako sur ma moto Samedi soir à Bamako…
Kashmir Whoa Let The Sun Beat Down Upon My Face And Stars…
Soubour əməlli başlı sikdirib hər şey Sikdirib hər şey Sikdirib hər …
Worry Don't worry You're gonna be happy Keep working today That sm…

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Comments from YouTube:

Gabriel Armstrong

I was at an interview with the band this evening. They are from Mali and recorded this song because 'Should I stay or should I go?' is a vital question for someone who might be thinking about emigrating from a war ravaged country, with the possibility of drowning in the Mediterranean.


George best the wedding present

Billy Goodman

Gabriel and the band were not necessarily referring to Mali as war ravaged. The song speaks to more than just citizens of Mali.

Tife Oluleye

Gabriel Armstrong Mali is not a war ravaged country, yes it had a militant insurgency that hit its north hard, if Mali is ravaged by anything it's decades of colonialism, neo-colonialism, compounded by neoliberal and exploitative policies facilitated by more powerful countries + the world bank+imf+the government policies that has led to poverty for a lot of people and displacement, similar to its neighbouring countries. Like it's really not that hard to look up its history before making generalizing statements.

Sam Stowe

My guess is that Joe would fully endorse this version as it really does have a poignant message for these guys

Sheryl L

Love this version. Great cover.

Twin Peaks Fan Club

Great cover. I just discovered this band today. I have long been a fan of Malian music.

chris fozo

Great song guys! Keep up! :)

Eugene Gubbard

Guitar's fuzzier than a five-year-old fruit salad


Fantastic !!!

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