I Scare Myself
Thomas Dolby Lyrics

I scare myself just thinking about you
I scare myself when I'm without you
I scare myself, the moment that you're gone
I scare myself when I let my thoughts run

And when they're running
I keep thinking of you
And when they're running
What can I do?
I scare myself and I don't mean lightly
I scare myself, it can get frightening
I scare myself to think what I could do
I scare myself, it's some kind of voodoo

And with that voodoo
I keep thinking of you
And with that voodoo
What can I do?

And with that voodoo
I keep thinking of you
And with that voodoo
What can I do?

But it's so, so very different when we're together
And I'm so, so, so much calmer, I feel better
'Cause the stars already crossed our paths forever
And the sooner that we realize it, the better

And then I'll be with you and I won't scare myself
And I'll know what to do and I won't scare myself
And my thoughts will run and I won't scare myself
And I'll think of you and I won't scare myself

It's me I'm scaring
It's me I'm scaring
It's me I'm scaring

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Dan Hicks

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Catherine Celaya

This is one of my most favorite Thomas Dolby songs.  This I could listen to all night....  Great trombone solo too.....


I like his cover versions - see also The Jungle line (Joni Mitchell) I prefer his version

Thomas Mittemeyer

@I Don't Care yes you do. It was Dolby’s song ‘Airwaves’ being repeated in his ‘kitchen!’ I thought he looked like a cereal lover. With blueberries.

Sharing is caring! Comfort Zones are in the yellow zone. The White Zone is for loading and unloading only....Yeah Yeah Yeah. ✌️

Thomas Mittemeyer

Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks. 1972. Both beautiful and very different which makes it so 😎 cool. Thanks to DH and Prof. TD.


@I Don't Care you nailed it. How do you know what I'm thinking?
You're on my radar now.

Mark Hall

Love this song I think the bloke from the band landscape is playing the trombone

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Acgogo Acgogo

First, I love Dan Hicks and his version of his own song is classic. Dolby took a good song and lifted it into a great song. He layered the piano, guitar and trumpet along with his voice into a mini symphony of sound. You can't hear it here, but the album version is even more complex. This song gave me shivers the first time I heard it. Brilliant.

Rob Hansult

@The Pancake Reviewer #NoShitSherlock :)

The Pancake Reviewer

@Rob Hansult it doesn't need to Swing to be a great song.

sol cutta

Yes the 1991 Version of the song is the ultimate version of sublime bliss n perfection.

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