For the Love of God
Ulver Lyrics

Love god harder
From behind the red

Flames of the dragon
With seven heads

Directing angels
To blow the horns

Going down faster
Than the light

Going down deeper
Than the dark

Blood of the god word
Spoken in tongues

That we may see the end
Of the babel tower

Fucking heaven
To kingdom come


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I fall asleep between this track and "Blinded By Blood" most nights. I echo what lots of other listeners have said: this song invokes emotions and sensations that are hard to put into words. It's almost sacred; a hymn. Which goes right along with it's title and the lyrics. Wonderous.

Nicolas Vincent

I was dying about a month and a half ago in a hospital. I was living a life within my own mind. It was as vivid as reality, only nothin was boring - only beautiful. I had no music in the hospitol with me, in fact, I wasn't able to contact my family, work, school, anyone for a good three weeks because I was so incredibly I'll. Being a musical person, if I'm not hearing a song, there's always a song playing in my head. I can't help it. This song predominated my "alternate reality"...

Eduardo Lovo

this song/band gives me feelings i cant describe


this is an amaizing song


This song does make you think of a lot of things. Just sooooo damm amazing i live the chourus.


beautiful, beautiful...

Vik Vikernes

ULVER the best band in the world


effing brilliant

Nicolas Vincent

..."Going down faster than the Going down deeper than the"... Over and over and over again, until I came back to "Life". Weeks.

Evan Bryant

Goin' down faster thaaaan the light
Goin' down faster thaaaaaan the dark- BLOOD (?!?!?!)

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