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by Van Velzen

So you've lost control
You think that life is after you
It feels like drowning in the crowd
And your sun is down and out

Now you've lost your soul

Your blue eyes getting darker everynight
You don't even see me
You hide behind the blinds
So open up, don't keep it all inside

We'll erase the clouds out of the sky

We will stand the storm
And I'll keep you warm
Soon you'll wake up and you'll rise
A new sun will meet your eyes

Don't you rule me out
Solitaire's a silly game to play
You don't even see, how your world
has turned to grey
But the morning will be
brighter then today


And when the night is over
And the dark turns into blue
You will face a different mirror
And you'll get a better view

And then the sun arises
Just to lighten up your mind
And charge your heart with fire
It will make you rise and shine


Chorus 2x

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