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who ate david?
Who Ate David? Lyrics

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Me and my wife are about to separate and ending to divorce... we have a 2 year old boy, and right now we live in a time of sorrows. I don't want to lose my family please pray for us who ever read this.

Robin Clark

I pray for you and your family that all that started ends well Jesus is our lord and savior faith is the substance of all things unseen

Shakeena Schommer

6 years late but prayers things are well

Trang Huynh


Bob Runman

God is very powerful 🙌 pray repent repeat 🙏

john .b.

Prayers my friend

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Matt Stanley

I am 29, a tough guy, and feel there is nothing that's going to make me mushy! I heard this song and pulled it up on youtube. It brought me to my knees in tears. How can our God love a simmer as bad as me!? But he does! I am forever greatful! Please don't be like me to proud to accept the loving arms of Jesus! There are random videos that have millions of views and a song like this only a few hundred thousand. I am truly broken hearted that my Lord may be this easily ignored! I love you God! Please forgive me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle Abraham

You accepted His (God’s) calling… not everyone answers not everyone can hear or see BUT you DID!! Amen 🙏


Matt Stanley he forgave you before you sinned. Jesus saved us all.

Lisa Wallis's been two years since your post about this Crowder song. I happened upon it today and read your post. It is moving as tears stream down my face and I don't even know you. I pray that you are doing well and that you are keeping your relationship with Jesus alive.

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