La valse d'Amélie
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Tom gr

This piece makes me think of my entire life from where I was a child till now that I am an adult. I think about the people I came across. My experiences... My choices... My mistakes... My life...


@Dimokratis nt that's true. Listen to November from Max Richter and time from Hans Zimmer and mind heißt Evolution from Zack hemsey. Have fun guys ✌🏼

Dimokratis nt

@Driss you never told us

Tom gr

@Driss I'd love to!


Totally get what you say. Theres more pieces having that effect on me. Wanna know which?


This is the most beautiful tune I’ve heard in a long time. I’m longing for something I can’t express.


How does this song make everyone feel? I am soaring through life, the beautiful country side is flashing part, bright green, blue sky.. I'm so alive, everything is happening at once, and I don't want to miss a second.

Mara Green

It makes me feel like a narrator telling the story of some troubled young person, hungry for love, afraid of being seen. Seeing the people around me and writing what I think their lives are like on a typewriter in the corner of a small, but warm and welcoming apartment. Here, in my small piece of the world, the desk is cluttered to the roof with scrapped ideas for stories. A cold cup of forgotten tea hogs one corner, along with a cup of pens that are too nice to use for my mad scribbling


A modern, expressive whirling dance.

liquid solid

It makes me feel wish to see world by eyes of creator of this song. I think in it usual things becoming magic and miracle, wish i could see same.

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