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La Noyée
Yann Tiersen Lyrics


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this song has taught me that you can cry because of pure joy

Hamza Lambarki

threLFish 😭😭😭😭😭😍

someone you don't know



Eight years ago we were on a high school field trip in Nice. They took us at Colline du Chateau and there was a street performer playing the accordion. I was drawn to the music so I stood in front of him, listening carefully. I noticed a smile on his face, as I also noticed that not many people paid attention to him, so he must have been glad that I showed him my appreciation. I approached him and asked him to play this piece. The smile on his face was priceless and he started playing it immediately. In that moment, it was as if all the people around us disappeared and it was just the two of us. Kind sir, wherever you may are now, if you read this comment and recognize yourself by any chance, I want you to know that you are in my fondest memory. Whenever someone asks me what's my favourite memory, I tell them this story. Thank you <3


Thank you all for the kind words <3 I never expected my memory to touch so many hearts, but I'm glad it did. Lots of love to you all <3


Reading this while the music playing... it’s just so beautiful...

vaishali charya

I have searched for this music for so long after hearing it in an Indian movie BARFI. This movie as well as this music is such a masterpiece. While reading your comment and listening to this masterpiece I feel something that I can't describe in words. Now I often come to this video and read your beautiful memory. We meet some people in our life for once and they become a part of us more than the people we know :) Such a wonderful world

Liam Grégoire

i might be late to the party but as I was listening to this song, I was also reading your story
a really deep feel hit me as I fully understood what you were talking about, it's the first time I cried because of a short story and a song and I still can't decide whether it was joy or nostalgia, perhaps both
anyway thank you, all of this is now gold to my eyes


@Lucie Fix we are still waiting for the photo :)

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Basu Gautam

Amelie in 2020 anyone?

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