Le Banquet
Yann Tiersen Lyrics


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jean-françois joubert

L'insomnie a volée toutes mes nuits
Noir où grise, d'évidence ce n'était pas de chance
De se heurter au tableau des scènes blanches

L'insomnie a guidé toute ma vie
De ses filets, de tes silences,
J'ai su garder tous les traits,
De ton absence

Toutes les nuits ont conservées
Le grain de ta peau, la douce couleur de tes sourires
Même si c'était que "pour du rire"

De ses rêves sans conséquence
Mes voyages solitaires me poussaient
La tête en l'air, au creux du coeur de tes bras
Dans ce nuage de douceur, ce bain d'amour

L'insomnie m'a conduit dans un réduit
Où les rues ont ton visage
Où les rêves n'ont pas de trêve

L'insomnie est la gardienne
De ma conscience, tu es la reine
De mes nuits blanches

Tous ses points blancs me sortent du noir
Depuis je sais que :
La mort possède milles visages,
et que L'amour, lui, n'en a qu'un !

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carlos rodriguez

it's so weird to me to see a guy rocking out on an accordion and have such a large crowd, its really refreshing

Zeetle Beetle

I agree. Although Yann Tiersen is an extremely talented compositor, so no wonder that so many people love his artwork. He deserves the recognition

A Arber

I’ve seen him live in Chicago, I think back in 2009 or 2010. I got to meet him afterwards. One of the best rock concerts I’ve ever been to, based on the familiar melodies of his soundtracks. A phenomenal artist and a very humble man.

Vasileia Vasileiadou

@A Arber How lucky you are?


Check out Astro Piazzolla

Freddy Marcel-Marcum

Welcome to Eastern Europe bud

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Boulette Depoisson

They are not ruining anything, they are communicating their joy, encouraging the musicians. That's the magic of live music, and especially in Bretagne, where Tiersen comes from, people are loud in concerts, and it's great! just my opinion :)

Thomas Dupont

i Agree, that's te kind of ambiance you could have had during a Pogues concert. I mean these bourgeois complaining about "loud people" during concert ? What's next ? beer drinking ?


It makes me cry, cause it's so great! This music and Tiersen's performance raise something important from the bottom of my soul, that can't be explained. Thank you!!!

Azazel Reficul mefistofelicus

A true Masterpiece.
Been listening to this song for over 20 years and it never gets old. To me is like a war song, it always gets me fired up. And I'm a metalhead that gets the same feeling from Grindcore.

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