Roc'h Ar Vugale
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Müfide Düzel

Feeling the rain deeply
Playing this from Yann Tiersen,
And laying down on the grass
Taking a deep breath, oh,
And closing your eyes to the peace.

Feeling it,
feeling into your bones

Your soul gets crazy with the flow of this harmony.

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Still my favorite composer together with Einaudi, such a beautiful composition and video!!

Rohit Deshmukh

Absolutely True ✨✨✨

Valkiria Rezende

my favorite

javier santillan machucho

Michael Nyman


Try Sibelius and Ravel also

Peace Ninja

Anyone here ever considered Roberto Cacciapaglia? Pretty good composer as well in my opinion .

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Greg Kozak

Some of Yann Tiersen's pieces are deceptively simple.  But that's the genius of them.  He manages to get more out of one note, out of one musical phrase, than many artists have struggled to evoke in their entire careers.  This is music at its very highest, the ultimate pinnacle of creative expression.

NATEture's Domain

I understand the feelings and opinion about what music moves someone. That’s fine. I don’t like all that I hear either.

However I’m able to appreciate what goes into music even if I do not personally like the sounds.

Obviously in this case to only dismiss a piece like this simply from what one hears and to make a comment like that shows a lack of understanding or appreciation on an deeper, intellectual level.

baby onion

@NATEture's Domain Your empathy capacity fails you.

NATEture's Domain

@Dreamaholic Your intellectual capacity fails you.

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