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Eww Eww Eww
Young Thug Lyrics

Thugga, I'm kill one of these suckers
Pussy ass nigga can't tell me nothing
Beat a nigga head with a Louisville slugger
Shoot a nigga dead then feed him to the gutter
Beat him, like a little bitch I treat him
It's on, on sight, like diss I greet him
Talk that shit nigga now
Get your haircut down, nigga this my town, I run it
Sucka nigga know he don't want it
Ain't nobody gonna keep me from walking up on it
Nigga love running around talking to a thottie
I pray to God may I die let him fly my pony
Hold up, we roll up, hop out of that Corolla
Spitting this AK at your chest till it blow up
'Cause, you are so done, absolutely no one
Can save you from the ? Bring it your ass on I'm goin'
Hit on you and everyone you knowin'
I ride on you to no end you ain't even gunna know when
I suffocate you, smother you, I ain't gon' leave you no wind
Everybody know you ain't got no win
'Cause I'm known to clown, hit the town, kick your door in
I'm lookin' at the hammer, barrel end at your end
Put dough in the bath before the thang start blowin'
And yuck, get going, splatter your brains on the floor, I'm like

Eww eww eww (eww)

Eww eww eww (eww)

What you gonna do when I pull up on you, nigga?
(I don't know, I don't know, I don't know)
Pussy nigga know that he a cat like Tigger
(For sure, for sure)
Beat the pussy nigga with the baseball bat
Pull up with them F&Ns comin' out the hatch
Pussy mothafucka scared to say it to my front
So I'm blowin' out his back
Point it at his liver make the nigga reconsider
Bands in my pants got me lookin' a little bigger
Red just like Elmo, but I never fuckin' giggle
You can suck my pickle for a nickel

Eww eww eww
Eww eww eww
Eww, eww

Got you motherfucker at the stop light
Poi, poi, poi, hold the Glock tight
Yea, I'm bout the spinach boy, Pop-eye
Niggas want beef with my hot fries
Cross me, nigga, get baptized
Yes, motherfucker, I'm the bad guy
Blow you away like a landmine, dead
I'm a God then I put that on mankind
Bullet turn you when I stop sign
Swallow pussy nigga if he that fly
Light a nigga up minna car come back
Crack a nigga up like the yolk of the egg
Smoke a nigga out like an ounce from a dread
These niggas straight pussy ain't vouchin' for them
Ice cold nigga like a motherfuckin' gem
Branch out nigga like a motherfuckin' stem
Cut a nigga off, ain't tied up for them
Tell a bitch nigga I'm fire with the pen
Lay a nigga down, watch him die at the end
Four-five nigga, it's a nine, that's a ten
Pussy on my dick, you and I and my friend
Which one of y'all wanna try this again
Which one of y'all wanna try me again
Big body six, I'm high in the banks
Flippin' the flow, uncommon again
Rigy, rugidy, rhyming again
Pussy nigga it's supplying to him
V-I-P, ain't no landin' For him
Fuck around nigga, your chances are slim
Flexin' on them, exercise in the gym
Ballin' on them, got my hand in the rim

Eww eww eww
Eww eww eww

Eww eww eww

Lyrics ยฉ Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Clifford Harris, Jeffrey Williams

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Comments from YouTube:

Thurl Sixers Fan

Ok but fr 2020 anyone??๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿฅด๐Ÿ’ฏ

Ricardo G

Miss this version of thug

Vero KC

Still! 2020


Gotta come back to it in 2020 and every year looking forward cuz this shit was so ahead of its time

Brendin Holder

itโ€™s 2069. iโ€™m 74. my grandkids are telling me this is trash. that the new lil heroin is way better. iโ€™m bald.

Jordan Calloway

What were you on 2 years ago??

Drugs are bad Mmmkay

Haha you was creative fersur wit that one

Kraken 77

Ok boomer

Rafay K

Ok boomer

MC Dutch

lil heroin lol

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