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I'd Be You
lily rose Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'I'd Be You' by these artists:

Stephanie McIntosh Coffee lights my emptiness It's self-inflicted pain I guess…

We have lyrics for these tracks by lily rose:

Breakin' In Been tellin′ all my friends I just don't wanna spend…
Green Light Gimme that green light Gimme that green light Gimme that gre…
I Don’t Smoke Yeah, I been creepin on your IG I can't even find…
Know My Way Around I know my way around my hometown I know every back…
Overnight Sensation Lookin' at the faces starin' back at me Stage lights are…
Stronger Than I Am Bartender, hit me I need a drink No none of that good…
Till I Kissed You Never felt like this until I kissed ya How did I…
Villain Yeah, I've heard things Goin' 'round and 'round running thro…

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Comments from YouTube:

I mean

I'm so excited that you are using "she" and "her" in your songs now! It's amazing and you are an inspiration for many!

Deborah Parker

Me too finally some music that can express how I feel


Here via Morgan Wallen and this song is a banger!! not just for what the lyrics evoke but it's her vocals that make this song... LOVE!

Amy Corey

I love this song makes me definitely wished I’d said something instead of being a coward ❤️❤️❤️

Megan H

Ooooh good thing I pre-ordered this cuz I'm gonna be jammin to this on the way to my softball game


Awesome tune 🎶
What a fantastic voice!
You've got a true gift, Lily.💜

S Gatesman

There she is! I was thinking I hadn't heard anything new lately. Great song ! ❤

Andrea Kittredge

🔥🔥🔥 Song #LilyRose and your voice is Incredible ✌️💞🙏

Cody Smith

Hardy and Wallen writing bangers as usual and Lily delivering as usual too

Jennifer Blalock

There just something about all your songs that touch the soul. I love that you are who you are. 💚

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