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Piece of the Action
Bucks Fizz Lyrics

I feel so lonely when I'm left alone
And I know
You're having fun
With all the other boys in town.
Why am I the only one?
I'm a first class loser that you don't wanna have around
I keep calling in the dead of night
Until you say you're gonna try treating me right.

Well I know it sounds funny
But I don't wanna be in love
Just wanna piece of the action
And there's no amount of money
That could ever be too much
To get a piece of the action
To get piece of the action
Just wanna piece of the action
Just wanna piece of the action
To get piece of the action.
Little by little I'm beginning to learn
You're many man woman and it's heavy on my mind.
Any time you wanted love
You just snapped your fingers
And it's not very hard to find.
I don't wanna tie you down but it'll
Feel so good with you around.

Well I know it sounds funny
I don't wanna be the life of the party
I just wanna little excitement lay it down.

Well I know it sounds funny
Well I know it sounds funny

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: ANDY HILL

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Comments from YouTube:


Brilliant song.
Bucks Fizz went from winning Eurovision to becoming a very successful 80's pop group with a string a top quality hits.
I loved them then and still love them now.

Rob Thomas

Why can't anyone make songs like this anymore. Sounds great even in 2020 lock down


@Charles Turnbull Steps are as wet as a 90 year old's bed clothes

Charles Turnbull

How about steps


I agree


great pop song from a very good group, people forget they had a lot of good quality singles in the 80s


Jeez, I totally forgot how many brilliant songs Buck’s Fizz had! So glad I grew up with u guys, and all these years later, I’m still listening to these songs! Love it ! X


Still stands the test of time...catchy as fcuk....this and 'don't stop' are two of my fave Fizz tunes!!!

120WPH Wavesperhour

I'm 42 and grew up very confused, I still fancy all of them 😕 😂😃


I still love this.

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