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Catch 22 Lyrics

Long Island baby, what's up?
(Yeah, buddy)
Welcome to the show
We are Catch 22 from New Jersey
(We sound like this right here)
Thanks all for coming out

Writer(s): Ryan Eldred

Contributed by Miles N. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Fantastic fucking movie and book. The psychology and character studies are fucking awesome.

somedudenamed pete

Never saw this film, but I loved the book. I read it on one of my deployments. It's funny how a lot of things still ring true for the military after so many years.


Gentlemen, huge thanks!  I haven't seen Catch-22 in over 20 years but it is a movie that stays with you.  As you were using clips, I kept guessing which one would be next.  Great movie, great memories, great usual.

Olly Cobb

One of the best episodes of this season, great stuff guys.

Dr. Larry Mitchell

4:45 "Martin Balsam, the thinking man's Ernest Borgnine."
Yes! Thank you! Someone gets it!

Bram Stoker's Nicholas Cage

I enjoy and feel enligthened by your show, you lovely men. Keep up the good work, I demand it! :3


I just finished reading this book! This is awesome but a little freaky

Jennifer Maddron

Craig, I'm with you. I have to have very low expectations when watching a movie for the first time, otherwise I tend to hate the movie all together. The worst thing a person can do is tell me that a movie is "the best movie ever" (or some variation of that).


I love this so much. WTTB. you have no idea how happy you make us. thank you guys.


I watched "Catch-22" shortly after reading the book, and while I enjoyed the performances, it felt lacking because so much had to be left out to fit in the time constraints of a movie.  I should watch it again, now that 10+ years have passed and see if I enjoy it more.  

Incidentally, Joseph Heller did write a sequel to "Catch-22" called "Closing Time" which picks up most of the surviving characters 50 years later.  It had little of the magic of its predecessor.

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