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Super Rad
by The Aquabats

I had a small friend,
Who had a fat friend
Who had a big friend
Who gave birth to many friends

With our flashlights to the sky
We waited for them to land.
I got two tall friends
Who know my small friend

Who seem to have a problem with you
They got roman candles
Bottle rockets for the vandals
Who covered our lockers in glue.

We're on our way here we go
We're gonna take over
Set it off one last time
Here we come again.

We were strangers
And we were pilgrims
Role models of the family man
Pioneers and patriarchs

Patriots and matriarchs
Staking out the promised land
Our little army
We were commandos

Gorillas with decoder rings
We felt some opposition
From some villains
Who were wishin'

They could be cadets and kings.


All systems go!
Soon the world will know
The fury of attack
Feel the wrath of
The super rad
The super rad
Super rad!

And if we die
before the battle's through
tell our mom's, tell our dads
That we were super rad!

[Chorus: x2]

All systems go
As we step into the Octagon
Feel the wrath of mission code name:
Applesauce applesauce applesauce
Super Rad!


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Comments from YouTube:

Funworks 163

Does anyone remember the TV show? Now that was super rad.

Playtime, All the Time: CBeebies Utopia

Yes! They also had a Nick Jr. show!

Fire Pieces

Yes it was the best

Thirteenth Penguin

Oh my gosh thank you I’ve been trying to remember the name of that show for years!!!

Chris Cookson

They're making a bunch of new episodes now on the Aquabats YouTube channel!!


Totally rad! I lived on that show 👌

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Yumi Memequeen

I'd be happy if the Aquabats alone were the last characters announced for Smash Ultimate.

Chiquita Williams

Marcus Blackwell 55

Dave Clash

Marcus Blackwell 5 sh

Edgar Banuelos

@Menames Fuff Honestly if there's anyone who could make Fortnite rad, than by God it'd be the Aquabats.

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