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Seven Days
Clyde McPhatter Lyrics

Seven days, seven days
(Seven days, seven days)
And there's not a word from you
(And there's no word from you)

Seven days without love
(Seven days without love)
Tell me what am I to do
(Tell me what I'm to do)

Seven days I have cried
(Seven days I have cried)
How I long to feel your touch
(How I yearn for your touch)

Why'd you go, why'd you stray
(Why'd you go, why'd you stray)
When I loved you, oh, so much
(When I love you so much)

The phone won't ring at all
The clock is standing still
My tears are like the raindrops
Upon my windowsill

Seven days, lonely days
(Seven days, lonely days)
I have walked the floor for you
(I have walked the floor for you)

Seven days, seven days
(Seven days, seven days)
Won't you please say you're still true
(And I wonder if you're true)

Seven days, seven days
(Seven days, seven days)
I have been in misery
(I have been in misery)

Seven days, lonely days
(Seven days, lonely days)
Darling, please come back to me
(Seven days, seven days)

Darling, please come back to me
(Darling, please come back to me)

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Comments from YouTube:


An old favorite of mine. Clyde was always a huge talent.

James Schell

very unique voice...immense talent.

Alex Zinovenko

I always loved Doo Wop--and R&B  and "soul: music of the 50's and 60's. It speaks to us on such an emotional level. The  songs are raw, bare,, unabashed and unforgiven. They speak of the of the heart and soul THE WAY--the heart and soul are feeling RIGHT NOW! Which may alienate some-as the may have never felt the way a particular song  has described. 

Clyde (post Drifters era) has done a great job with this. i always loved his voice. It has that urgency to it, the one where you KNEW he was feeling what he was singing--if only for the moment and the now. When I am missing another, as I often do, this song comes to mind a lot. 


Clyde sounds so good handsome and talented .Rest in peace Clyde. Tammy

william molloy

the fantastic clyde mcphatter--one great song!


Ohhhh,, good one!!!!!!

Paul Joseph

Mesremising. Poor fellow? days without love. Least it made a good song. Would love to hear Richard doing this at his peak. Would have been over in about 90 minutes even with some slipping and slidiing. Oh my soul.

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